This final section is here to close the loop. You've designed, delivered and evaluated your course. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, you may need to make some changes to your course before the next offering. These may range from being relatively minor through to a complete course overhaul! Depending on the types of changes required, there are a few possible pathways for making this happen: 

Relatively minor changes – these may involve recreating resources or activities used during the course. Perhaps student feedback identified a learning activity that didn’t really work, or a video wasn’t well received. You can handle these changes directly before the next offering. Head back to the design and development section.

Major changes requiring formal amendment – changes to course objectives or assessments will require you to follow a formal amendment process - found here. This process is similar to that of on campus courses. Be sure to check your local area for timelines and committees involved. 

Fundamental changes – you may even have to take it back to the conceptualisation stage. Do you have the right target audience for your course, does the content match the market’s expectations or requirements? Does the course need to be better tailored to meet these needs?