Short Programs and Short Courses

Short Programs are educational programs which lead to a level of academic or professional attainment but do not lead to the provision of a University award.  More details about activities that are classified as short programs are available from policy AB-53 Short Course and Short Program Policy.

New Short Programs and Short Courses

Short program and short course approvals are managed using the corresponding templates, with data entered in the Program and Course Management System (PCMS). Before completing the approval templates, it is recommended that you review the

Professional staff responsible for the establishment of short courses will require Program and Course Management System (PCMS) Administrator access.

The PCMS user guide provides guidance about what information to include in PCMS for short programs and short courses.

Short program admissions are managed using the University's student administration system, Medici.  Staff responsible for the administration of short programs will need access to Medici version 9.2.

For guidance on managing admissions and enrolments for short programs and courses, please visit the online training module: Short Programs and Short Courses.

Amendments to Short Courses 

Short courses are amended in PCMS. Once the activity is set to ‘Academic Unit’ approved it will automatically appear on the pending approvals report and will be approved by the Programs Team in SAS.

All short course amendments will be implemented for 1 January of the following year. If an amendment is required within the current calendar year (e.g. for a second intake), this should only be raised and approved after teaching of the current intake has been completed.

Amendments to Short Programs

Requests for a change of name or ownership to a Short Program should be emailed to SAS-Program Approval

Withdrawal of a Short Course 

A short course is withdrawn in PCMS. Once it is set to ‘Academic Unit Approved' it will automatically appear on the pending approvals report and will be approved by the applicable Campus Academic Services team in SAS.

Withdrawal of a Short Program

You can also create a short program withdrawal in PCMS by completing withdrawal documentation.  Once the withdrawal is approved by the Academic Unit Board the activity can be set to ‘Academic Unit Approved'. Contact the Academic Officer: Program Development in SAS to progress the withdrawal; they will administratively set the 'ASSQC Approved' and 'Academic Board Approved' statuses in PCMS, prior to submitting to the Programs Team in SAS for promotion approval.

Approval Timelines

Short programs and short courses may be approved throughout the year, as there are no deadlines. SAS recommends allowing approximately four weeks before the start of teaching for processing purposes. This also allows enough time for the Business Analyst: Admissions to provide training to the Academic Unit staff member who is responsible for admissions.