PCMS Field Help References

Provide the reason for the proposed amendment or new MSM, for example "to meet an emerging market need for professionals with the skills to work in…." or "to address program improvement actions resulting from the program review process".
Include an overview of the discipline this MSM covers, the intended benefit to students, and unique features of the MSM.
State the business benefit of introducing this MSM, if new, by describing the new market that this MSM will capture or its importance in retaining existing market share.

Provide the MSM name, which is the most succinct possible description of the discipline, e.g. Sociology or Accounting or Information Technology.

Provide the MSM description, which is 1 to 2 sentences about the discipline content that is covered in the MSM, e.g.
Screen Studies provides students with the necessary critical and practical skills that relate to the production, research and analysis of film, television and other screen media forms. Students will be equipped with a foundation in film and media history, theory, production and professional practice.

List any course(s) at secondary school or university level that must be completed prior to taking this MSM. Only essential courses should be listed.

List any course(s) at secondary school or university level that are recommended but not essential for completion prior to taking this MSM.

Provide the names and affiliations of stakeholders who have been consulted. Describe the consultation process that was undertaken and key issues/topics discussed. Describe the action(s) that have been taken in relation to the MSM design in response to stakeholder input.