Student Support Activities

SAS run a variety of activities throughout the year to support, motivate and engage students.  The SAS managed campaigns are:

Commencing Students

The Commencing Students campaign prepares students for studying at UniSA. The email suite provides the students login details, instructions on how to enrolment, apply for a Student ID card and how to find support through Campus Central.

> Welcome

Sent to the student's personal email address, the Welcome email is sent once they have been accepted into their UniSA program.

> Campus Central support

Sent to the students myUniSA email, this is designed to prepare the student for commencing university study.  It tells the student what steps they need to take to get ready for study and outlines how to reach out for support.

> Student ID card

The student ID card email gives instructions on how to apply for their ID card and encourages them to pick up their card as soon as possible. This is designed to prevent long queues at Campus Central during orientation. The email is followed by a reminder SMS.


Study Period Support

Sent to commencing and continuing students' myUniSA email addresses, the Study Period Support campaign is designed to remind students of information pertaining to important milestones during the study period. UniSA Online programs are not included in the Study Period Support campaign.

> Teaching started

This email reminds students that the study period has commenced and that they should log into LearnOnline and start engaging with the content.

> Census reminder

This email is sent a week before the census and reminds students’ that the census is approaching.

> End of study period

The End of study period email is sent two weeks before the end of teaching and reminds students of the academic supports available to assist them in preparing for exams and final assessments.


No Engagement

Students who don’t immediately engage with their course work are at risk of failing and increase their chance of being precluded. As such, from the commencement of teaching to the lead up to census, SAS runs the No Engagement campaign to remind and encourage students to start studying. UniSA Online and College enabling program students are not included in this campaign.

> No engagement reminder

This email is sent in week two of the study period to students who have no recorded LearnOnline activity for all enrolled courses in the current study period. Students who continue to show no engagement in all courses will also be sent a reminder text message two days after receiving the email. 

> Final warning

The final warning is sent in week three of the study period to students who have no recorded LearnOnline activity for all courses in the current study period.

> Final calls

Commencing domestic students who have not engaged by week four are contacted by Student Finance and Enrolment. If the student has not committed to studying their current enrolments are dropped. A confirmation email is sent to the student confirming they have been dropped from the current study period.

The list of international students who have not engaged is forward to the SEU International Student Adviser team.


Academic Progress Support

The Academic Progress Support is triggered by the Academic Review results and is designed to support students and prevent them from being precluded from their program.

> Successful Academic Review

Sent on the completion of the Academic Review to students who have passed all courses in the Academic Review period.

> Failed one course

Sent on the completion of the Academic Review to students who passed the Academic Review but failed courses. The email reminds students of the supports available to improve their academic results.

> Act on your support plan

Sent to students who received a notification 1 or 2, reminding them to follow through with what was discussed on their Academic Support Plan.

  • Act on your support plan email

> Upheld student management

Students who have been identified for preclusion and, through the appeals process, have been allowed to continue study are individually case managed by Campus Central. These students will be contacted multiple times throughout the study period to ensure they are following the committee's instructions.