Training and User Guides


SAS offers a wide range of training relating to student administration using mixed delivery methods – face to face, online and video. User guides are available for all student systems and administrative processes that are supported by SAS.

Face to face sessions are held regularly with a variety of training sessions on offer. A number of online training modules are also available. Additional training modules will be gradually made available. To view and book one or more of our face to face training sessions or to access the online training modules please click here.

Staff User Guides

User guides are on a staff-only protected page and will require your staff university login to access.

Here is a list of the user guides available on the link above


  • Manage Applications in Apply Online 
  • Manage Program Information in Apply Online 
  • View a Student’s ATAR
  • Manual Admissions

Campus Central

  • Check Student Enrolment Summary and Audit of Enrolment History
  • Process Program Plan Changes
  • Process Withdrawal Applications
  • View Academic Program Pages
  • View Schedule of Class Pages

Class Scheduling

  • User Guide Short Programs Class Scheduling
  • User Guide Preparing Timetabled Classes for Enrolment
  • User Guide Scheduling Non-Timetabled Classes
  • User Guide Scheduling OUA Classes
  • Class Scheduling Issues Register User Guide


  • Credit Agreements
  • TRNSFR Codes List
  • User Guide Application for Credit

Death of a Student

  • Deceased Student User Guide (All UniSA Staff)


  • User Guide Enrolment
  • Enrolment Error Messages - Staff Guide
  • Step by Step Guide to online enrolment
  • myEnrolment Error Messages


  • Administration of Offshore exams for Professionl Staff
  • Exam Administration and Invigilator Guidelines for Professional Staff
  • Databee Exam Manager User Guide for Professional Staff

Exit Awards

  • User Guide Exit Awards
  • Quick Guide Exit Awards

Graduations and Records

  • GPA Guidelines and Calculation


  • User Guides for Work Integrated Learning Teams

Internal Program Transfer

  • Processing an Internal Program Transfer


  • Medici Set Up for New Users
  • Principles for data entry standards in Medici
  • Updating Bio/Demo Data using Medici

Online Forms

  • Staff Emulation for Online Student Forms

Overrides and Permissions

  • How to Lodge an Override Request (as Student)
  • User Guide Full Class Overrides (as Staff)
  • User Guide Upload Class Permissions


  • PERC User Guide for Academic Unit Staff
  • PERC Batch Process Dates


  • Program and Plan Configuration


  • Result Entry, Secondary Assessments and the Result Entry Web Application for Academic Unit Staff
  • Result Entry Web Application for Academic Staff

Scholarships and Prizes

  • SCMS User Guide

Short Programs and Short Courses

  • Short Program Approval Template
  • Short Course Approval Template
  • User Guide - Short Programs Admissions and Enrolment
  • Short program file upload template
  • Short programs admissions checklist for professional staff
  • User Guide - Short Programs Class Scheduling

Student Finance

  • Run Manual Tuition Calculation
  • View Customer Accounts
  • View Loan Election History
  • View Term Fees
  • Maintaining Student Groups

Study Periods & Leave Dates, including -

  • Offshore Study Periods & Leave Dates
  • OUA Study Periods & Leave Dates
  • Research Study Periods
  • UniSA Online Study Periods