Internal Payment Request

Staff of the university should complete an Internal Payment Request (IPR) form when some or all of the fees for a student(s) will be paid by a Scholarship or unit.

Forms can be completed for the current year only, if your arrangements cover more than one year, you should complete a separate form at the start of each year.

For the duration of the IPR, a journal will transfer the amount of student fees specified from the nominated cost centre. Students or sponsors will still be invoiced for any additional fees and charges that are incurred over and above the IPR agreement (if applicable).

Please see policy A-47: Student fees and loans for further details.

Completing the form

It is important that all sections of the form are completed accurately and in full. Where forms are submitted with details missing they will be returned, unprocessed, for further action.

Forms must be signed off by staff with the correct authorisation level.

Which Scholarship / Reason should I use?


You will notice that a few scholarships are listed on the form by name making these easier to complete. If your request doesn't fit one of these scholarships, please select the relevant item under Scholarship / Reason – please name your scholarship if it has one in the Scholarship Name section. It is important these scholarships are accurately recorded so the University can report accurately what scholarships we are awarding and accurately track their funding sources.

If you have a continuing scholarship that is not listed, please contact to organise it's own Item Code and inclusion on the form as a Major Scholarship.

Compassionate Circumstances

Compassionate circumstances are not scholarships. This reason should only be used when the student's circumstances have changed, making it difficult for them to remain at the University without financial help. An example is when a student's external sponsor has terminated sponsorship suddenly and the student only needs to complete one more semester to graduate.

Fee Variation (UniSA error)

Only to be used when the University has made an error. For example, student was given an offer of fees at one price and when they arrive the price has increased, this reason may be used to cover the difference to honour the offer.

Closing dates

Form should be submitted to Student Finance no later than the first Study Period payment due date covered by the IPR, this ensures students are not penalised for late payment. See the academic calendar for the relevant dates. Please allow 10 working days for processing.

For all enquiries, please call Student Finance on 8302 1112 or email

Accessing the form

The IPR form is now an online form, in Appian. Please access the form with this link.