CANs and ECNs

After the census date, you will provided with either a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) or an Enrolment Confirmation Notice (ECN) depending on whether you are a Commonwealth Assisted student or not. Your notice will be available via myUniSA under myFinances.

Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

The CAN includes important information about your enrolment such as your tuition fees and any government HELP assistance you have received for the courses of study in which you were enrolled as a Commonwealth assisted student on the census date.

You should check carefully the details on your CAN - in particular, check:

  • your student contrubution or tuition fee. Compare the amount that you have been charged with the tuition fee published on the website
  • that any courses from which you have withdrawn on or before the census date have not been included, and
  • how much has been deferred to your HELP loan.

Enrolment Confirmation Notice (ECN)

Your ECN will show details of your enrolment at the census date including:

  • courses in which you are enrolled
  • tuition fees

If there are any errors, please notify the University within 14 days of the issue date of the notice. Any errors will need to be reported to Campus Central using the Add/Drop_Classes form (online form).