Exam rules for invigilated online exams

  • Please refresh your understanding of the Exam Rules prior to each exam.   Be aware that there may be other exam requirements that are specific to your course so please check the course outline  and course site. 
  • All invigilated online exams are regulated by the Examinations Procedure.  Failure to comply with the exam rules below will be considered a breach of exam procedure and could result in an academic integrity breach investigation.


  1. All students must participate in an online identity verification immediately prior to beginning an examination. This will involve:

    1.1 a clear photo being taken by the invigilation system of their student id card (or an alternative form of photo id that has their name and photo on the same side - such as passport or driving license), and

    1.2 a clear photo being taken by invigilation system of the student sitting the exam, in the exam environment, and 

    1.3 a clear, slow, short video recording of the exam room being made by the student at the time of the exam to ensure the room is free of prohibited items or other people.

  2. Students must not wear or use items in, over or surrounding the ear.

  3. Students are not permitted to communicate with other people, or have other people present in the same room, during the exam.

  4. Students must always stay in view of the webcam and must not leave the room during the exam.

  5. All watches/fitness trackers/devices must be removed prior to entering the room to commence the exam. All wearable electronic devices are prohibited.

  6. Students are only permitted to use their mobile phone to complete the MFA logon process or for UniSA/RPNow technical support. All calls made must be in full view of the webcam and on loudspeaker. Students must ensure the phone is placed face down on the desk during the exam and not accessed for any other reason.

  7. Students must sit the exam in the same room that was scanned during set up for that specific exam and must ensure:

    7.1 the exam area (desk, under and surrounding the desk) is clear and clean, and the area (including surrounding walls) does not have any writing.

    7.2 televisions, radios, and other audio-visual devices are turned off during the exam.

    7.3 the lighting in the room is bright enough to allow the webcam to capture a clear recording of the room, and your face throughout the whole exam.

  8. Students must only access or reference permitted software and materials during the exam as specified by the Course Coordinator or Online Course Facilitator.