Domestic fee-paying students

If you enrol in a unit of study as a fee paying student:

  • you must pay full tuition fees for your studies
  • the Commonwealth does not contribute towards the cost of your education, however
  • you may be eligible for a FEE-HELP loan to help pay your tuition fees.

How much do I pay?

Fee-paying students are charged tuition fees per unit of study by UniSA.  Please refer to the program information page to find the fees set for each program. This value is the cost of one year of full time study, equivalent to 36 units.

The tuition amount for each course is based on the annual program fee and the unit value of the course. The formula for calculating the tuition amount for this course is:

    (Annual fee/36) x course unit value

As an example:

Contemporary Management Skills BUSS 5244 has a unit value of 4.5 and if a student is studying Master of Business Administration with an annual fee of $AU 27,500 the tuition for BUSS 5244 would be calculated as follows:

    $27,500/36 = 763.88 rounded down to two decimal places.

    $763.88 x 4.5 units = $3437.46

Am I eligible for FEE-HELP?

A FEE-HELP loan can cover all or part of your tuition fees, find out if you are eligible.

What are my payment options?

Find out how to pay tuition fees.

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for paying fees by due dates, enrolling by census dates, reading notices and invoices and staying out of bad financial standing (BFS).