During the graduation ceremony

All graduands are required to have registered and be wearing their academic dress before entering the venue. 

Once you have completed the above you are to sit in your allocated seat. UniSA Staff will usher you into the correct seat. It is important that you stay seated in your designated seat for the entire ceremony. If you are a graduate and you require special seating arrangements (for example, to accommodate crutches), please contact the Graduations Team as early as possible.

UniSA staff will then provide a briefing to all graduands. Please follow the directions of the staff at all times. If you have any questions please ask staff for assistance.

The Graduation Ceremony

Graduands and guests should stand as the Academic Procession arrives on stage, and remain standing for the National Anthem. After everyone is seated, the Vice Chancellor will deliver the welcome address, which will be followed by the guest speaker's occasional address.

You will then be directed by ushers to the backstage area, one row at a time, where you will receive your parchment. Social distancing protocols apply. Staff will then direct you on to the stage when your name is called. You then enter the stage walking to the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor or Pro Chancellor with your parchment, and your photograph will be taken. You will then continue across the stage on the red carpet and return to your seat following directions from staff. 

The duration of the ceremony will be approximately 1¼ hours, and graduates and guests must remain seated in the auditorium until the ceremony concludes. Please advise your guests to stay seated throughout the ceremony.

If you have a disability or special needs that will make the above procedure difficult, please ensure you enter your special circumstances in myGraduation.

Further information about your graduation ceremony is available in myGraduation, in myInformation