When will I receive my invoice?

Invoices are generated approximately four weeks prior to the census date for each study period or after you enrol.

Where can I find my invoice?

Invoices are provided to all students online and can be found in the 'myFinances' section of myUniSA

When a new invoice is available you will be notified via your student email account. Please remember to regularly check your student email to monitor this.

What information is on my Invoice?

Your invoice will include the following information:

  • Personal details and your student ID number
  • Balance from previous tax invoice/statement
  • Details of any new fees and charges

If you require an invoice earlier than four weeks prior to census date please contact Student Finance to request an invoice to be available online.

Please note: hardcopy invoices will be posted to all students registered as UniSA non-e students (ie those students without internet/email access). For more information contact Campus Central.

How do I pay my invoice?

Payment information is available on the bottom of your invoice. You can make payments via myUniSA, using UniSA paynow or via BPay, Post BillPay.

                                                                    paynow Post BillPay    BPay


Invoicing with a FEE-HELP loan

If you are eligible and have applied for a FEE-HELP loan prior to the commencement of the study period of your enrolment you will not receive an invoice for your tuition fees as your fees will have been deferred and therefore are not outstanding. UniSA invoices only for outstanding charges. If you wish to pay for some of your tuition fees and require an invoice please contact student finance to arrange this.