Fees and charges

Before commencing your first program with the University, International students are required to pay visa length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and 50% of the annual tuition fee.

If you started your program in 2014 or earlier, then your tuition fees will remain constant for the length of your program. For international students commencing from 2015 or later, tuition fees are subject to an annual increase.

Please refer to the program information page for your program tuition fees. The program information page will also provide information on English language and academic entry requirements specific to each program.

Continuing international students are charged tuition fees for their enrolments each Study Period.  For award programs, the tuition fee is calculated using a normal annual unit load of 36 units.  36 units = 1 eftsl (equivalent full time study load).

For example, enrolments in 4 courses in one study period, with each course being 4.5 units of load, is a total of 18 units load. If the annual program fee is $16,000, the study period fee will be $8,000 (16000 x 18/36) or $2000 per course (16000 x 4.5/36).

NOTE: Students are placed in Bad Financial Standing (BFS) if they do not make the full payment by the due date shown on each invoice.