Before exam day

Exams can be very stressful, so planning for your exams is very important. You should plan and prepare for your exam well in advance to avoid surprises and alleviate any stress. 

To help you be fully prepared for your exam, confirm the mode of your exam on your course outline, learnonline course site and Course Coordinators.   Exams can be offered in the following modes:

  • Non-invigilated online exam in learnonline
  • Invigilated online exam in learnonline (with invigilation provided by the RPNow secure browser)
  • On-campus face-to-face exam

Important information about invigilated (RPNow) online exams is available here.

Check when the exam timetable will be published. This information is available on the exam timetable and release dates web page.

There are 3 ways you can view your exam timetable*:

*Please note all of the exam notification methods below are only available after the exam timetable release date 


1. Email – Personal exam timetable email sent on exam timetable release date

Students will be sent a personal exam timetable to their UniSA student email address on exam timetable release date. 

2. MyExams link – via myUniSA

Course timetable
This allows students to search by course to see the exam date, time and location description.

Personal timetable website
This timetable shows the student their individual timetable including the date, time and location description (this is the same information as the personal exam timetable email)

3. Exam timetable in Excel – Available on the exams website (all courses)

For information on non-invigilated online exams, please go to your course site in learnonline. Further information can be accessed via ask Campus Central.

Typically students will sit their invigilated online exam at home, at a table or study desk.

If you don’t have an appropriate space at home, the UniSA Library may be able to help with a quiet on-campus space to sit your exam.  For invigilated online exams you will need to bring a laptop that meets RPNow requirements.  UniSA library computers and laptops cannot be used for invigilated online exams.  If booking an on-campus space for your invigilated online exam please ensure:

  • You are the only person in the room
  • You have completed the Mandatory Systems Check and Mandatory Training Quiz in the weeks ahead of the exam on the same device and in the same location you will be completing your exam.
  • Your booking allows you access to the room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow time for you to complete the required RPNow checks and verifications before commencing your exam.

We recommend watching the 'Using RPNow Software' video located in the 'How RPNow Works' tab of the Online Exams Preparation Guide.  The correct guide for your enrolment is available from the Invigilated Online Exams page:


Some quick TIPS are listed below:

  • Complete the Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz - this is Mandatory and could be the difference between successfully completing the exam or not!
  • Familiarise yourself with the Exam Rules
  • Take note of the permitted materials for the exam - these are available on the course site and from your Course Coordinator
  • Save IT Help Desk and RPNow support phone numbers in your phone ... just in case!
  • Install TeamViewer to allow remote access and speedy support from the IT Help Desk ... on the off chance it's needed!
  • Take note of the published exam start time - remember this is South Australian time
  • Set up your exam room early so you're not rushed
    - tidy the clutter including removal of all reference materials
    - have everything you need in arms reach
    - turn on all the lights (and leave them on throughout your exam)
  • If using a laptop, ensure you have a stable power supply and internet connection available throughout the exam duration. If this is not possible have your charger at hand
  • Dress appropriately
  • Remove your watch/fitness tracker before entering the room to commence your exam
  • Go to the toilet before the start of the exam
  • Let family, friends and colleagues know you are sitting an exam and are unavailable
  • Reduce use of bandwidth clutter e.g. turn off Netflix or other computers or anything else that might be using bandwidth

When sitting an invigilated online exam, the room you are taking your exam in is considered the 'exam room' and you are limited to what you can have with you.  Strict penalties apply if you have unauthorised materials in the exam room during your exam.


You MUST have…

  • UniSA Student ID card or other form of photo ID (a driver’s licence or passport is acceptable as photographic identification). 

In addition, you may wish to have in arms reach

  • Mobile phone - on completion of the MFA logon process place the phone face down on the desk in case you need to call the IT Help Desk or RPNow technical support.  These calls must be made on speaker phone in front of the camera.  You are not permitted to use your mobile phone for any other purpose.
  • Water – this must be in a clear, unlabelled bottle
  • Permitted materials communicated to you on the course site and by your Online Course Facilitator/Course Coordinator
    All items must comply with specifications as advised by your Online Course Facilitator/Course Coordinator and must not contain any additional notes or material.


Do NOT have ....

  1. A watch/fitness tracker/device or any other electronic device either worn or in the surrounding area
  2. Headphones, ear plugs, ear buds or anything in, over or surrounding the ears
  3. Audio visual devices playing (radio, tv, etc)
  4. Other people in the room (you cannot communicate with anyone, either in the exam room, or in another room)
  5. Any writing on anything in the exam area, including walls around you

The following items must not be in the exam area or used during your invigilated online exam, unless otherwise stated as permitted materials for the specific exam.  Your Online Course Facilitator/Course Coordinator will advise.

  1. paper
  2. writing implements (pens/pencils, etc)
  3. books, including dictionaries, textbooks, notebooks
  4. calculators
  5. post-it notes
  6. magazines


View the Online Exam Rules here.


Possession of unauthorised items 

The possession of unauthorised items in the exam room is a breach of examination procedures

If non-approved materials are identified, your exam sitting will be flagged for suspicious activity or a rules violation.  A breach report will be forwarded to the Course Coordinator/Online Course Facilitator and Academic Integrity Officer for investigation.


More information about conduct in examinations can be found in the Examinations Procedure.

All on campus face-to-face exams are managed within the Academic Unit. Your Course Coordinator will provide the specific details for your exam such as the venue details and any permitted materials. Any queries regarding the arrangements should be referred to the Course Coordinator or Academic Unit.

The following information will assist in planning and preparing for your exam.

Plan how you're going to get to your exam

To assist you with working out your travel plans, check out the Explore our campuses webpage which includes campus maps, transport and parking information.

TIP: We suggest you leave home early to allow extra time for unexpected travel delays.

You are limited to what you can take into an exam venue and strict penalties apply if you take unauthorised materials into an exam.

You will not be able to bring handbags, rucksacks, mobile phones, smart watches or any wearable electronic devices into the exam room; please leave these at home.  To keep yourself out of strife, see below for a more detailed list of what NOT to bring.

If you do bring these items, you may be instructed to place them into a bag room and risk being late for the start of your exam.

All items brought into the examination venue will be checked for enhancement or tampering.


You MUST bring …

  • UniSA Student ID card or other form of photo ID (a driver’s licence or passport is acceptable as photographic identification). Note, if you bring a photo ID that is not your student ID card, make sure you know your student ID number.
  • Access Plan (if you have been approved for alternative exam arrangements)
  • Pens/pencils in a transparent pencil case or clear plastic sleeve (we will not be able to lend stationery if you forget to bring it)
  • Calculator (if your exam permits one – check with your Course Coordinator if unsure)
    NB: spare calculators will not be provided if you forget yours

In addition, you may wish to bring

  • A small, clear bag to carry your permitted exam belongings
  • Water – this must be in a clear, unlabelled bottle with a spill proof cap and be non-carbonated
  • Keys, watch (not a smart watch) and wallet
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Permitted materials communicated to you by your Course Coordinator
    All items must comply with specifications as advised by your Course Coordinator and must not contain any additional notes or material.

Do NOT bring …

  • Personal items, including handbags and backpacks
  • Any electronic device including mobile phones (even if switched off), smart watches, personal digital assistants, electronic fitness tracker, headphones, etc.
  • Unauthorised materials (including books, revision notes, examination answer booklets, attendance slips, any paper or other documents, including dictionaries) or equipment relevant to the exam
  • Opaque (not clear) pencil cases. Only see-through pencil cases are permitted.
  • Calculator cases and covers. These must be removed prior to entering the exam.
  • Blank paper. This includes tissues or anything else that could be used as blank paper.  Raise your hand if you require tissues and they will be provided in the exam.
  • Glass bottles / non-clear bottles / labelled bottles / fizzy drinks
  • Hot food or hot beverages
    Cold beverages should be in spill-proof containers such as bottles, not in cans or cartons. 
    Food should be limited to small snacks that are not noisy to eat and do not contain a strong aroma.

Also permitted – noting these will be checked for tampering …

  • Glucose drink (e.g. Lucozade)
  • Glucose tablets (e.g. Dextro energy tablets)
  • Insulin syringes/supplies
  • Asthma inhalers
  • Epi-pen
  • Over-the-counter and/or prescription medicine
  • Medical aids (e.g. wrist splint/support, back support pillow, ice pack)

Possession of unauthorised items ...

The possession of unauthorised items in the exam venue is a breach of examination procedures.  

A search of ALL items brought into the exam venue will be conducted. 

If non-approved materials are found in your possession, they will be removed, and a breach report will be completed and sent to your Course Coordinator and Academic Integrity Officer.

Note: The University of South Australia takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to property brought into the exam venue.

More information about conduct in examinations can be found in the Examinations Procedure.