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Exams and Results

Exams are held at the end of every study period.  Check your course outline to see whether you are required to sit an exam as part of your assessment and what mode it will be.  If you have an exam, please be aware of the following:

  • Exams can be offered in the following modes, but check with your course outline and with your Course Coordinator for full details:
    • Non-invigilated online exam in learnonline
    • Invigilated online exam in learnonline (with invigilation provided by the RPNow secure browser)
    • On-campus face-to-face exam
  • Your exam can fall anywhere within the official exam period, and as the timetable is subject to change, we strongly recommend you regularly recheck the timetable and ensure you are available for the entire exam period and the secondary exam period (for deferred, special consideration and supplementary exams).
  • All exams are scheduled in South Australian time and you are required to sit your primary and secondary exam at the scheduled date, time and location irrespective of any conflict with a planned holiday, special event or regular work committment.

You can access some great advice on preparing for your exams in Study Support ... or get the nitty gritty on general policies and rules that apply to exams in the Assessment Policy and Procedures.

Before you sit your exam, it’s important that you are prepared and know what is expected of you during this time.  Navigate the tiles below, or the left menu, for tips on how to prepare for exam day and what to expect on exam day (including what will happen during the exam).

Exam and results information for staff is available here.