Your printed parchment issued by the University is a valuable document and an identical parchment cannot be provided if it is lost (a replacement parchment will indicate a replacement date).

Parchments are also issued digitally via My eQuals.

If you need to provide your parchment to a potential employer, or any third party, you can share your digital parchment securely via the My eQuals portal.

Parchments have a digital signature that guarantees the authenticity and integrity of your document when viewed or shared online through the My eQuals portal. 

If you are required to provide your printed parchment, a certified photocopy is normally sufficient in the first instance. If it is necessary for you to send the original by post, you are advised to send it by registered mail or courier.

Parchment collection

If you choose not to attend your graduation ceremony you can collect your printed parchment from the Campus Central City West, located on Level 2 of the Jeffrey Smart building, following the graduation ceremony.

You can collect the printed parchment in person or authorise someone to collect it on your behalf. When collecting your parchment please bring photographic identification with you. If another person is collecting your parchment on your behalf, please provide them with your written authority to do so and advise them that photo identification will be required.

Parchments will be available for collection from this location for approximately 3 months before being archived. If you wish to collect your parchment after this time, contact Campus Central first so it can be recalled from archive.

Parchment postage

If you choose not to attend your graduation ceremony, the University can post your parchment to you. The costs for postage and packaging are:

  • $10.00 for registered mail within Australia
  • $35.00 for DHL Courier overseas

Parchments cannot be delivered to post office box addresses outside of Australia.

Please submit and order if you wish to have your parchment posted to you.

*Current students
order here
External users (not current students)  order here

*You are considered a current student up to 90 days from your conferral date or 90 days from withdrawal from your program.