Tax file number (TFN)

If you are eligible and you wish to obtain a HELP loan (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP) you must provide the University with your tax file number (TFN) by the census date of your first enrolment.

You can do this via myEnrolment or by completing a hard copy Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form available at Campus Central.

How do I get a TFN?

Contact the Tax Office and complete a tax file number - application or enquiry for an individual form. TFNs cannot be allocated over the telephone, by facsimile or email.

It is important to apply early to ensure you have your TFN on or before the census date. A TFN is usually provided within 28 days of application.

If you:

  • do not give your TFN or proof of application to your University by the end of the census date; and
  • have not made a full up front payment of your student contribution your enrolment will be cancelled.

 Certificate of Application for a TFN

If you have applied for a TFN but have not received it within 10 days of the census date you must provide Campus Central with proof of your application by either

  1. Obtaining a Certificate of Application for a TFN which can be issued at a Tax Office shopfront or by contacting the Tax Office, or
  2. Taking your printed TFN application summary to an interview at participating Australia Post outlets to confirm your identity, then present both the summary and Post Office receipt to Campus Central.

You have 21 days from the day the Tax Office issues you a TFN to quote it to your University.