Resources for Staff

Academic Review can be a complex process to guide students through, so we have put together the following list of resources to assist professional and academic staff to support students.


Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual

Section 10 provides information about Academic Review processes.

For more information about Academic Review, please see the Ask Campus Central FAQs.

Support for students

  • Academic Learning Support

    A range of online resources, workshops and learning support services, all aimed at helping the student through their courses and assessments.

  • Study Help

    A LearnOnline module with further study resources.

  • Counselling Services

    The Student Engagement Unit (SEU) offer free, confidential one-to-one appointments for students from learning support, to personal counselling and career advice.

    You can refer students to the SEU counselling services for support via the eReferral form.

  • Access and Inclusion Services

    The SEU provide advice and guidance in relation to access, adjustments and inclusive practices for students who have a disability, impairment or chronic health condition and those with significant caring responsibilities.

  • USASA Advocacy

    UniSA Student Association offers free and confidential services to students on a wide range of academic issues.