Scholarships and Prizes

Information for scholarships and grants

Information for prizes and awards


The Scholarships and Candidature team  administers scholarships across all study levels. This include

Some other scholarships are administered locally by Academic Units or our research team - contact details for these scholarships can be obtained from the scholarships website.

New scholarships, prizes and awards are approved by Academic Unit then Academic Board before being offered to students. Please see the Coursework Scholarships and Prizes policy for details.

Draft guidelines/criteria for new scholarships should be forwarded to the for review and comment before final submission to the Academic Board. 

Prizes and Awards

SAS calls for nominations for prizes and awards each year following the availability of all academic results and schools have nominations approved by their Academic Unit.  This information is reported to division offices and the Academic Board for noting.  Prize recipients need to be entered in Scholarships Management System by early March (or other agreed date) to be recorded against the student record in Medici prior to generation of transcripts for graduations.