Quality & assurance


Before opening your course up for students to enrol, it is important to give your learnonline site one final check over to ensure everything is where it should be and working properly. You will also want to ensure you have set up the process needed for your students to enrol and pay. Contact your UniSA administrative staff to assist you if you haven’t had these conversations already. 

There are two main elements to this Quality Assurance Check that you should complete before your course goes live: 1) a self-check and 2) a peer-check. 

This first self-check relates to all elements of your course, from the overarching structure and flow of your content down to whether all your hyperlinks work as intended. The Short Program Quality Assurance Checklist will guide you through six key areas: 

  1. Course overview and information 
  2. Course technology and tools 
  3. Design and layout 
  4. Content and formative activities 
  5. Social interaction 
  6. Summative assessment 

Each of these key areas have several points requiring you to self-assess whether they are sufficiently present in your learnonline site, or whether they require some level of revision. 

In most cases, you’ll complete this checklist and be able to address any issues identified yourself, however there may be some instances where you might need an extra set of hands. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to address an identified issue, whether it be technical or content related, please get in touch with staff within your Academic Unit, or the Teaching Innovation Unit. 

The second step is to ask a colleague, or critical friend, to perform an abbreviated check over your course. Often when we review our own writing, we can miss details that are obvious to others. Therefore, having a colleague—who has some knowledge of your course content—check over your learnonline site is valuable. They may identify inconsistencies or issues that just weren’t visible to you! 

This check doesn’t need to be as thorough as the self-check, but we would advise at minimum that you ask your critical friend to check that: 

  1. All course objectives are covered and assessed (if applicable) 
  2. There is consistency in the flow of topics and sub-topics 
  3. Key content or knowledge has not been missed 
  4. Grammatical and spelling errors are corrected