Professional Experience Program - Leave

The Professional Experience Program (PEP) is available to academic staff to provide for a period of professional development to the mutual benefit of a staff member and the University.

The University Policy HR 9.3 Professional Experience Program and Procedures set out the principles and operational requirements for the program. 

Summary of key points

PEP is approved on the basis of stated criteria and eligibility requirements. The maximum period of a PEP is normally six months. A staff member will be paid their normal substantive salary whilst on PEP. A staff member may seek paid employment, scholarships and other earnings whilst on a PEP subject to approval.  The provision of travel and other related financial support will be dependent on the local unit’s budget and the University’s, and other authorities’ requirements relating to limitations on travel.

After returning from PEP a staff member will be expected to remain in the employment of the University for a further period of one year. A staff member who has returned from PEP is required to submit a report to their supervisor within 3 months of returning to work.

Staff must negotiate any extension to the period of PEP due to 5 or more continuous days of sick leave with the relevant Executive Dean/Director.

Recreation leave accrued while on PEP leave is deemed to have been taken during the period of PEP leave.