Managing Conflicts of Interest

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is committed to developing a high performance, enterprising culture where people work for, not just in, the University.

We recognise that our people will interact with Government agencies, industry, private companies and professional and community organisations, both through their role in the University and their personal interests and that there will be occasions when these interests could give rise to an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest which needs to be managed for the protection of the staff member and the University. 

Declaring these interests and managing actual, perceived or potential conflicts is essential for promoting and maintaining public confidence in the integrity of UniSA’s teaching and learning, research and business operations.

The Management of Conflict of Interest Policy has been designed to help you to understand your obligations in managing your personal interests and assist you in managing any conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of your duties as a UniSA staff member.

The policy articulates UniSA’s position and UniSA staff members’ responsibilities in relation to the registering of personal interests and declarations of a conflict of interest; and the recording of these through a confidential Register of Personal Interests and a Register of Declarations of Conflict of Interest.

This site contains supporting information to guide you in the application of the Management of Conflict of Interest Policy and to assist with completion of the Register and the Declaration. We have included and offer guidance in interpreting where a conflict might arise and how a management plan might be developed to resolve or address an actual or potential conflict. 

Please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the Policy and these supporting resources.