Job Documentation

The documentation of a job is called the position description. The production of a position description should be the culmination of the job analysis process.

The position description should provide applicants with a clear indication of the duties, accountabilities and outcomes expected of the position. The position description is the base document used in the management of the employee’s performance as outlined in the University’s performance management scheme.

A position description provides information relating to a role at a given point of time; however few positions remain the same over a long period of time. It is important to consider the language used in a job description and to ensure it is not discriminatory either directly or indirectly.

Job title

The selection of a job title is important, as it provides an indication of the duties of the job, it indicates the relative level of the job within the local area hierarchy and provides status for the employee.

Job titles should be simple and free of technical jargon. The title should be descriptive to enable the position to be quickly identified, for example, use Administrative Officer (Post Graduate) rather than just Administrative Officer.

Generic job titles should only be used for generic positions (Executive Officer).

Follow the Position Titles Guidelines to guide the process.