Contractor Safety

The University's Work Health and Safety (WHS) Procedure, 'Contractor Management', describes a systematic approach to the management of all contractors so that the risks to health and safety of contractors, staff, students, volunteers and the general public are minimised.

Contractor management

The contractor management framework, shown below, consists of the Contractor Management Procedure and a number of supporting guides and checklists.


Contractor management


From time to time, your workplace may have a need to engage contractors for local onsite works. The Guide to Engaging Contractors for Onsite Works must be followed prior to engaging a contractor, to ensure a systematic approach is adopted to eliminate or minimise hazards prior to any work commencing.

Details of specific hazards relating to contractors and recommended controls to minimise risk are outlined within the Contractors Engaged Locally – Checklist.

Please note: The following forms are updated frequently. Please access the forms from this page and do not store a local copy to avoid using outdated forms.



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