As a University of Enterprise, UniSA offers a dynamic and agile culture, one that embraces challenges and thrives on breaking new ground. Our breadth of activity provides our employees with a wide range of opportunities to grow and pursue new directions in a vibrant, engaging environment that goes beyond traditional limitations.

Our people are creative and innovative thinkers, communicating with clarity, conviction and enthusiasm. We are authentic, resilient, and influential and we deliver results.

The University is committed to providing a work, teaching and research environment that is mentally and physically safe and healthy - an environment that supports and nurtures the wellbeing of our staff so that they can flourish and perform at their best. Our people conduct themselves in a manner that is professional and respectful, reflecting our code of ethical conduct and core attributes and embracing diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about the policies that frame our professional behaviour click on the links below. Further resources can be found in our resources page.