COVID-19 Leave and Employment FAQs


Please refer to Federal and State advice for current public health mandates and recommendations.

In all University environments, we encourage all members of the University community to continue to practice physical distancing, hand and sneeze/cough hygiene. 

The wearing of masks is currently a personal choice, noting that SA Health advice is that mask wearing is an effective method for the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses and contribute to the protection of members of our University community. Please note that certain university activities and settings do still require mask wearing under ongoing public health mandates.

If staff have any concerns about their working environment, they should contact their line manager/supervisor. 

UniSA’s Campus Security is also available on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


All absences, including those related to COVID-19,  must be reported to your line manager/supervisor. 

If you are unable to attend work or to work from home due to the nature of your work or personal circumstances, your absence must also be recorded through the myHR portal.


The University recognises the impact that COVID-19 may have for you as a casual staff member, given you are not entitled to paid leave entitlements. The University’s first preference will be to work with you to explore whether you can work from home in line with your contracted hours.

SA Health has a mental health support line you can contact on 1800 632 753 (available 7 days a week from 8.00am to 8.00pm) as well as a mental health fact sheet with supporting information on their website.


Please refer to SA Health advice for the current requirements in cases of identified contact with a person infected with COVID. Your line manager/supervisor will work with you to identify what options may exist for alternative working arrangements for you. 

Continuing and fixed term staff may access paid Family Responsibility Leave (FRL) and personal/carer’s leave.  Where your FRL, personal leave/carer’s leave is exhausted, you may access any other accrued leave entitlement until that is exhausted.

Casual staff who are quarantining as a result of caring for a member of their household who has COVID-19, can access unpaid carer’s leave where they are caring for a member of their household in accordance with the University’s Enterprise Agreement.

Last updated: Monday 13 February 2023