Policy and Planning

The Health Safety and Injury Management Policy is a UniSA Council policy that describes the commitment and intent of the University to provide a safe and healthy place for staff, students and contractors to work and / or study and others who may be visiting. It is a high level document that also describes components of our safety management system that assist the University to comply with the requirements of the ReturntoWorkSA Performance Standards for self-insurers. As a self-insured employer, we recognise the benefits of being able to manage our own safety system, workers compensation claims and rehabilitation of injured employees. The University is committed to retaining our self-insurer status and strives to continually improve our systems.

The Safety and Wellbeing Strategic Plan provides information that relates to the intent of the Policy and provides focus on particular areas of priority for the defined period of the plan. The plan is developed by key people from across the University and endorsed by the University Safety and Wellbeing Committee and the Enterprise Leadership Team.

Priorities within the Strategic Plan cascade to the local action plan for attention.  The local action plan provides a minimum standard across the University with the opportunity to customise to meet local business needs. 
In support of the organisational transformation, implementation of WHS priorities and actions at the local level, the Safety and Wellbeing Local Action Plan (WHS03) has been developed – this template is similar to the approach used in previous years, with a focus on WHS considerations following any staff re-locations, changed work processes and/or changed work environment. 

Implementation of Unit and Institute local action plans are monitored quarterly and reviewed annually to measure conformance across the University, with feedback provided on performance achieved and support where required.  Best practice that is identified through the review process is shared with other Units and Institutes to promote continuous improvement.

The Injury Management Strategic Plan is supported by an information kit that is sent to injured or ill employees and their manager 'just in time' following an incident report. This provides all the information required to effectively support the employee to recovery.