Systems & IT Training

The People, Talent and Culture Unit provides a range of HR systems and information management training.

Training is only provided to authorised users, please see the HRMS System Access Procedure for further information. Access to the HR Systems can be requested via the Human Resource Information Systems Access Form.

Business Intelligence Reporting

This is a customised training session that focuses on using staff information sourced from the University’s human resource information systems. By the end of the session, participants' will be able to extract and analyse data as well as being able to compile and maintain a set of customised reports relevant to their roles in the workplace.

Casual administration system (CAS)

This is a hands-on training session about using the Casual Administration System. Participants are trained in how to use all aspects of the system including; processes and procedures relating to casual employment, casual contract of employment entry, timesheet entry and audit requirement reporting.


Student Administration and System Training

Student and Academic Services offer a number of training courses which include sessions on Class Schedule, Enrolments, Overrides, Exams, Results, Graduate Research Road-shows, Medici Access Training, myUniSA - Student Reporting and Data, Scholarships, grants, prizes and awards, Student finance, and, Timetabling.

ISTS System Training

Please see Software Help and Training for more information on system training including teaching systems, managing staff mailboxes, web authoring and more.

Software Training

LinkedIn Learning

  • Learning Office 365 - LinkedIn Learning Training
  • Office 365 (Microsoft) Word - LinkedIn Learning Training
  • Office 365 (Microsoft) Excel - LinkedIn Learning Training
  • Microsoft Teams - LinkedIn Learning Training
  • Office 365 (Microsoft) Outlook- LinkedIn Learning Training
  • OneDrive - LinkedIn Learning Training
  • EndNote - LinkedIn Learning Training

ISTS 'how tos' and resources