All staff commencing employment with the University are required to undergo a probation period. The period of time is determined by the Enterprise Agreement and varies for academic and professional staff. This allows the University to assess the suitability, skills and performance of the staff member against the requirements of the position as well as induct them and provide them with appropriate training and development opportunities. It also gives the staff member a chance to decide if they are suited to the position and the University. Staff on probation still receive all of the rights and entitlements that accrue with employment at the University. If, however, the staff member is not deemed suitable for the position, their employment may be terminated within the probation period.       

Professional, Security and Grounds Staff

The probation period will be stated in the staff member’s Employment Agreement and will be for either three or six months depending on the complexity of the role and the timeframe over which critical duties can be assessed. Under certain circumstances a longer probation period might be applied. Where a staff member is employed on a fixed-term contract for three months or less, the probation period will continue for the full duration of the contract. Similarly, if a fixed-term staff member is offered a second or subsequent contract, the probation period will continue until at least a three month cumulative probation period has been completed. 

For information on an extension to a probation period or further information please refer to the Policy and Procedure on Probation for Professional, Security and Grounds Staff.

Academic Staff

On commencement of employment with the University, academic staff members will be engaged on an initial probation period of up to three (3) years. Where a staff member is employed on a second or subsequent fixed-term contract, the probation period will continue until a three year cumulative probation period has been completed. For a fixed-term contract of greater than three years, the probation period will be three years.

Given the length of the probation period for academic staff, probation tends to be managed in accordance with the Performance Development and Management process within the University. Academic staff will be given multiple opportunities during the probation period to meet with their manager to discuss their progress and development opportunities. As part of the academic probation process, all new academic staff (levels A-C) who are employed at UniSA in continuing positions or on fixed-term contracts (12 months or more) must complete the Academic Practice@UniSA program. Visit the Teaching Innovation Unit website to find out more about Academic Practice@UniSA. 

For further information in relation to probation periods refer to the Policy and Procedure on Probation for Academic Staff.