Supervisor's Job Evaluation Q&A

The local People, Talent and Culture (PTC) staff member will provide support throughout the process to both the Supervisor and staff member. Joint consultation between all parties is encouraged to ensure issues are resolved. Where there are disagreements, the local PTC staff member will give clear and objective advice to both parties. Your local people team are best placed to advise you with general HR/people related queries.

Either the staff member or supervisor may initiate discussions about the classification of the position. The duties and responsibilities of the position may be reviewed and discussed as part of performance management or can occur at other times when changes to the position are required.

It is important that you have discussions with the staff member about their position. You will need to carefully assess whether the PD represents the responsibilities and duties currently undertaken by the staff member to ensure it reflects the expectations of the position.

Job evaluation can be considered when either the staff member or Supervisor believes that the responsibilities and requirements of the position have changed. This will only apply to currently filled positions.

After you have had initial discussions with the staff member, an Application for Reclassification / Job Questionnaire - Form are completed by the staff member. Your local PTC staff member can assist with the completion Job Questionnaire.

A detailed list of steps involved in the evaluation process can be found here.

You will be required to sign the Application for Reclassification / Job Questionnaire form  to indicate that you are aware of the application. It does not imply support or non-support for an increased classification. The application will still be considered by the Remuneration Team. Any points of disagreement should be documented and included with the application. This also applies to the Cost Centre Manager and relevant ELT member or nominee. A central PTC Consultant will then explore the points of disagreement in more detail as required. The staff member will also be provided with an opportunity for the right of reply to any comments made. Financial constraints are not a consideration in the evaluation of the position.

The questionnaire promotes dialogue between the staff member and the Supervisor to gain a mutual understanding of the dimensions of the position. The agreed responses to questions are used to assist the Remuneration Team to evaluate positions.

It is recommended that the staff member completes the questionnaire and then discusses the responses with you. Your local PTC staff member will facilitate the completion of the questionnaire and will involve the Remuneration Team as required.

The staff member’s current PD, an updated PD with any additional duties and responsibilities added (clearly distinguished), the organisational structure chart for your area and any supporting information that will assist in the job evaluation should be included. Performance management documentation is desirable, provided the staff member agrees. Where you have encouraged the staff member to assume additional responsibilities, and this has become an expectation of the position due to the requirements of the work area, this must be acknowledged and included in the updated PD.

Your local PTC staff member is available to update the PD to include the additional duties required of the position. They are responsible for maintaining the PDs for your area.

Your local PTC staff member is available to facilitate the finalisation of the PD and attempt to resolve any differences. The Remuneration Team is also available to provide advice. Your local PTC staff member is responsible for maintaining the PDs for the local area. The Cost Centre Manager is responsible for determining the number and nature of all positions in their area and for ensuring compliance with all aspects of the University’s legislative framework.

You will need to discuss this with the staff member and ideally come to an agreement on what the position involves. Your local PTC staff member will facilitate this process to ensure that both parties’ views are considered and that agreement is reached where possible. Where agreement cannot be reached, a commentary will be provided on the questionnaire outlining the reasons for the disagreement.

An indicative timeframe of 20 days has been established for the initial request for information through to the submission of the application to the Remuneration Team for evaluation. You will need to ensure these timeframes are met where possible.

The Remuneration Team will discuss the evaluation with you and you will provide the staff member with feedback. Your local PTC staff member is available to assist as required.

If the classification remains the same, this will provide the staff member with an opportunity to discuss and address any issues of concern (e.g. reallocation of workload or the provision of higher duties for short-term initiatives, etc).

If the position is classified downwards the staff member will retain their classification level and with the assistance of your local PTC staff member, you and the staff member will review the responsibilities of the position to reflect the original classification. This may include additional or higher level responsibilities and changes to the PD to reflect this expectation. The staff member’s performance plan will need to reflect the expectations within the PD.

There is an expectation that, wherever possible, a dispute over the evaluation of the position will be resolved at the local level. If the matter remains unresolved, the staff member may consider lodging a dispute in accordance with the dispute resolution process in the applicable industrial instrument.