University workplace risks associated with use of electrical equipment are managed in accordance with the following regulatory and university documents:

The University's Facilities Management Unit (FMU) is responsible for managing building electrical installations and testing of fixed residual current devices for each campus. FMU also supervises contractors carrying out electrical work.

Inspection and testing of electrical equipment used UniSA's workplaces is carried out in accordance with the University procedure: In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

Risk management

Typical safety controls for implementation by university workplaces include:

  • Consider electrical safety in the purchase of new plant or equipment
  • Ensure new electrical equipment conforms to Australian Standards or equivalent recognised international standards
  • Ensure electrical safety is included in maintenance, servicing and repair of electrical equipment
  • Inspect, test and tag applicable electrical equipment in accordance with the university procedure
  • Check electrical safety in regular workplace inspections
  • Ensure workplace training and SOPs incorporate electrical safety
  • Ensure electrical equipment is modified or repaired only by competent personnel
  • Report a hazard if electrical equipment is showing signs of damage or wear or may be unsafe
  • Take action if equipment is found to be non-compliant or might be unsafe

Electrical safety issues

Some significant electrical safety issues within our University environment are:

  • Use of electrical equipment in laboratories and fume cupboards – make sure electrical cords cannot come into contact with hot and/or wet surfaces such as hot plates or water baths.
  • Use of overseas plugs and travel adaptors on electrical equipment from overseas – these are not adequately earthed and are non-compliant with Australian Standards. They must be replaced with Australian fittings.

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