Offshore Travel

UniSA is increasingly involved in offshore activities. This necessitates international travel and work by university staff. A core value of UniSA is the safeguarding and management of the safety and wellbeing of staff during the performance of their work.

All possible preventative measures must be considered in the planning of travel arrangements and work to be performed offshore to ensure the wellbeing of staff. Any staff member participating in an overseas University business trip must be aware of any potential hazards and measures to eliminate or minimise risk of injury/illness.

The WHS14 form has been designed to assist workplaces with identifying hazards and controlling risk when planning travel arrangements and itineraries.

Identified hazards and their risk controls must be recorded in the local hazard register and reviewed regularly.

Risk management

  • Obtain advice from the UniSA Health Medical Clinic on health, fitness and the necessary vaccinations
  • Seek travel advice from the Director: International and Smartraveller DFAT warnings
  • Prepare communication and ground transportation plans
  • Download the University's emergency travel International SOS Assistance App that includes services and supports available to you while travelling offshore
  • Ensure pre-arranged UniSA personnel contacts are accessible
  • Plan travel/work schedules/itinerary and accommodation plans to avoid hazards
  • Select appropriate luggage and equipment that is manageable

For details and booking of travel arrangements contact the University Central Travel Team.

Please note: The following forms are updated frequently. Please access the forms from this page and do not store a local copy to avoid using outdated forms.



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