Personal Leave

Personal leave is available to continuing and fixed term staff. Your entitlements are contained in the applicable industrial instrument. The University provides comprehensive entitlements for personal leave and family responsibilities, and for carers and compassionate grounds.

Please use the myHR portal to apply for paid leave.


Calculating personal leave accruals

Staff accrue personal leave on a monthly basis, rather than in bulk at the end of the year. This means staff do not have to wait until their end of the first year of service and are instead able to take it as it accrues.

Personal leave is credited at the rate of 1 working day for each completed month of service.

The following table gives you a quick reference of yearly personal leave accruals for each of the University's standard employment fractions.

Professional staff

Fraction Days accrued per year Hours accrued per month
1.0 12.0 7.350h (7h 21m)
0.9 10.8 6.615h (6h 37m)
0.8 9.60 5.880h (5h 53m)
0.7 8.40 5.145h (5h 09m)
0.6 7.20 4.410h (4h 25m)
0.5 6.00 3.675h (3h 40m)
0.4 4.80 2.940h (2h 56m)


Academic staff

Standard fraction Days accrued per year Days accrued per month
1.0 12.0 7.50h (7h 30m)
0.9 10.8 6.75h (6h 45m)
0.8 9.60 6.00h (6h 00m)
0.7 8.40 5.25h (5h 15m)
0.6 7.20 4.50h (4h 30m)
0.5 6.00 3.75h (3h 45m)
0.4 4.80 3.00h (3h 00m)



  1. A full-time day for an academic staff member equals 7 hours and 30 minutes (7.5 hours), for a general staff member equals 7 hours and 21 minutes (7.35 hours).
  2. An anniversary year starts from the day the staff member commenced service with the University, (eg - if they commenced employment on the 20 June 2000 then they will have their full annual leave entitlement on the 20 June 2001).

    Note: Employees who commenced prior to 28th June 1998 will have entitlements accruing on the 28th of each month due to the conversion from accruing annually to accruing monthly.