PTC Forms For All Staff

This web page provides forms for all staff (e.g. leave forms). Managers and staff should contact People Central in the first instance if they have any general PTC queries or problems. For more information or other forms relating to Aboriginal Employment and Work Health Safety and Injury Management, please visit the Aboriginal Employment and WHS & IM websites.

Please note: Forms are updated frequently. Please access the forms from this page and do not store a local copy to avoid using outdated forms. All staff forms are for staff access only.


Allowance and once off payments

General administration

Flexitime spreadsheet

The University flexitime form has been reproduced in an electronic format using Excel. This is both convenient and accurate as the excel document contains formulae to calculate the hours accrued for the accounting period.

There are a few guidelines for the use of this document:

  • This version must be saved each accounting period. Please ensure that you save a "blank" document on your hard drive before using.
  • There is no need to enter the Period Ending date – this is linked to cell C25 in the spreadsheet.
  • Time must be entered in the following format – 08:00 am. When entering the lunch break enter time as 0:30 for a half hour or 1:00 for a full hour. You must use the colon to ensure the spreadsheet calculates the time correctly.
  • To change the dates in the flexi period please enter the Monday following the last date in the following format 8/2/00.
  • The spreadsheet will calculate and identify the flexitime worked in the flexi period.

When complete, you should forward your flexitime sheet to your supervisor.

Study development

Salary sacrifice