Radiation safety committee

Academic Unit / Research Institute Departmental Radiation Safety Officers
Safety and Wellbeing Team Ian Furness (Chair), University RSO
UniSA STEM Anthony Duffy
Future Industries Institute Dr Casey Doolette/Andrew C Robinson
UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance Dr Greg Brown
Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA) Dr. Catherine Yandell
Centre for Cancer Biology/SACRI Dr. Ian Nicholson
Senior Consultant WHS Trevor Drew
Senior Consultant WHS Rickie Kelly
Facilities Management Unit Dominic Marafioti


University Medical Physicist

Professor Eva Bezak, Professor in Medical Radiation, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance. 

The University Medical Physicist can provide specialist medical physics advice to researchers to:

  • assess expected total effective dose and organ doses which will be received by research participants, and
  • independently verify dose calculations and radiation risk assessments conducted by researchers.

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