University Work Health Safety and Injury Management Committee

This Committee aims to:

  • Facilitate a cooperative and collaborative approach towards monitoring, evaluating and reviewing risk management strategies within the University hazard management program
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Share health and safety information with the University community.

The Committee comprises of:

  • An employee member from each Academic Division and the Coordinating Portfolios of which the total number of employee members is nine
  • Two members of the Senior Management Group including the Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture and one other member nominated by the Vice Chancellor
  • Attendees or subject matter experts periodically invited to contribute.

A member of the Committee will hold office for a term of 3 years and is eligible for further terms of office. Members of the Committee will appoint a member to chair meetings.

More information can be found on the Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee members

Management Member
Employee Member
Employee Member Position
Employee Commenced Term of Office
Employee Term of Office Expiry
Academic   Sonia Turton Manager: Business Administration 31/01/19 31/01/22
Resources   Trudi Clarke Facilities Coordinator, FMU 21/01/19 21/01/22
Library   Leann Anderson Library Officer (A&E / IRT) 26/06/17 26/06/20
Research & Innovation          
People, Talent and Culture Jane Booth, Executive Director: People,Talent & Culture
EASS   Michael Akeroyd Technical Team Leader 26/06/17 26/06/20
Business School   Leanne Steele Program Manager: MBA & Executive Education 24/04/18 24/04/21
Health Sciences   Louise McGee Technical Officer (NRC) 29/01/19 29/01/22
ITEE   Andrew Robinson Senior Technical Officer (FII) 29/01/19 29/01/22
University Radiation Safety Officer Ian Furness
University Chemical Officer Charles Nelson
Senior WHS Consultant Division of Health Sciences Trevor Drew
Senior WHS Consultant Division of ITEE Rickie Kelly
WHS Consultant Divison of EASS Sentha Rogawansamy
WHS Consultant Business School Jim Townsend
Safety & Wellbeing
Manager: Wellbeing & Employee Benefits
Jenny Hardy
Senior WHS Consultant Robyn Sferco
Executive Officer Pam Gomes