Learnonline Safety and Wellbeing Training

Learnonline is the main platform for UniSA online safety and wellbeing training.

It replaces the UniSA 'Online Training Portal'. This portal took staff and students to the external e3Learning (Kineo) training site. We are no longer using e3Learning as an external provider for safety and wellbeing online training.

The University has used another external provider—Interactive Developments (formerly known as Virtual Accident)—as an external provider of online training for the research laboratory environment. We will be continuing to use Interactive Developments, however, UniSA learnonline modules have been created which include UniSA-specific information, login instructions and the login link. See Table 2 (under the last section below) for a list of the modules relating to Interactive Developments.

Click here to access learnonline.

Learnonline has been adopted because we can:

  • Make use of our own University online learning platform
  • Tailor the training to our own safety systems and work environments
  • Ensure easy enrolment by both staff and students
  • Allow easier ongoing improvement of training content
  • Achieve better reporting of training completions by staff and students
  • Ensure no registration or enrolment cost to local areas for student access.

Equivalent UniSA learnonline modules have been introduced to replace most of the e3Learning courses. Modules for a few topics are still under development.

Table 1 (under the last section) shows the new learnonline modules alongside the predecessor course(s) at e3Learning. More information on the modules and other safety & wellbeing training is presented on the Training and Staff Development webpage and in the Training Needs Guide (WHS13).

Staff or students who have completed the e3Learning topic are not required to redo the equivalent learnonline module, but may do so if they wish.

In particular, staff who have completed the mandatory e3Learning course ‘Work Health and Safety Fundamentals’ are not required to complete its replacement: ‘Safety & Wellbeing at UniSA’.

If you are a staff member your history of completing e3Learning courses will be retained in University training records. Staff will continue to see their own completions listed under the My Details/Quals and Development tab on the Staff portal. BI reports run for Academic and/or Central Units and Research Institutes will continue to list e3Learning course completions.

Students should retain the download of their e3Learning certificate as evidence that they have completed the e3Learning course. Academic and/or Central Units and Research Institutes who registered groups of students should email the Safety and Wellbeing Team with any enquiries on student reports.

Whether you are a staff member or a student the enrolment process is the same:

  1. Click on the link to the learnonline module in the table below.
  2. If you have not already logged in to learnonline you will need to click on ‘Continue’. Login using your normal UniSA userid and password.
  3. Click on the ‘Enrol me’ button for self-enrolment as a participant (‘Student’) in this individual module.

If you have both staff and student login access it is recommended that you use your staff userid and password so your completion of the module is recorded in your staff record, unless the module is a requirement for you as a student participating in a teaching program.

If this procedure does not work correctly please email the Safety and Wellbeing Team or ring 08 830 22459.


In the early stages of implementation during January 2019 the Safety and Wellbeing will continue to refine and improve on the content of the learnonline modules.

Despite best efforts there may be some errors in the functioning of some modules.

If you wish to report an error or comment on module content please email the Safety and Wellbeing Team giving the title of the module. Alternatively, each learnonline module has a feedback section where you can provide feedback for review by the developer of the module.

Safety and Wellbeing online training modules are aimed mainly at staff and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students. However, any student, postgraduate or undergraduate, can complete a UniSA learnonline module without any special enrolment or cost to Academic and/or Central Units and Research Institutes . The modules are ‘non-courses’ and therefore not part of any University teaching course. If you wish to incorporate a learnonline module in an undergraduate teaching course it will be best to liaise with the Safety & Wellbeing Team to check on any special considerations.

In the case of learnonline modules incorporating external Interactive Developments (Virtual Accident) content there is a charge to the University for each participant completing the module. This cost would need to be passed on to the applicable Cost Centre if used for undergraduate teaching.

TABLE 1: Learnonline modules replacing e3Learning (Kineo) courses

New Learnonline Modules (Non-Courses) now available Previous e3Learning (Kineo) Online Courses now superseded

Safety and Wellbeing at UniSA

Work Health and Safety Fundamentals

Managing Health and Safety Risks

Risk Management for Workers

Risk Management for Managers and Supervisors

Incident Investigation

UniSA Incident Investigation

Office Ergonomics at UniSA

Office ergonomics

Manual Handling Safety

Manual Tasks for Workers

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips and Trips Hazard Guide

Respectful Behaviour

Bullying and Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

Bullying and Harassment for Workers

Environmental Awareness

UniSA Environmental Awareness Course

Chemical Spills Management

UniSA Chemical Spill Management Course

Chemical Safety

Working Safely with Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

Driving Safely

Driver Safety
NEW UniSA Learnonline topics Discontinued topics

Transport Consignments of Radioactive Materials

South Australian Work Health and Safety Legislation

Legislation now included in Safety & Wellbeing at UniSA

 Plant and Equipment Safety  Manual Handling in Aged Care (Nursing)

 Workshop Safety

Confined Spaces Hazard Guide
CONTINUING UniSA Learnonline topics
Injury Management for Managers and Supervisors

Work Health and Safety for Academics

Undertaking a Safe Student Placement

TABLE 2: Learnonline modules linked to Interactive Developments (Virtual Accident) courses

Liquid Nitrogen

Ionising Radiation and Research

Biosafety1 – Biosafety Principles

Biosafety2 – Gene Technology

Fume Cupboards