Managing Remote Employees

Leading people you don’t see on a day-to-day basis presents distinct challenges, from establishing effective methods of communication to managing workflow productively.  One of the biggest challenges of managing teams remotely can be maintaining a personal connection between team members and a productive and collaborative team culture, things that are more readily facilitated when people are co-located.

The following resources are available to support line managers perform their supervisory tasks and continue to foster an environment of collaboration and cohesion amongst their teams.

LinkedIn Learning

  • Leading during Times of Change
    Learning path of 15 curated courses & videos that you can choose from covering themes of communication, leadership, adaptably, resilience, change.

Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL)

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Webinars, articles, white papers, digital books:

Other resources

LinkedIn learning courses

Other resources:

Manager Assist Program

The Manager Assist program provides managers with timely support in managing personal and interpersonal work issues related to staff performance, effective working relationships and organisational change. The program is not intended to replace internal human resources functions but can provide dedicated, confidential support for specific issues that are more complex emotionally.

Simply call Freecall 1300 277 924 to arrange a phone call with one of the Human Psychology team. Human Psychology also offers a range of training programs and consulting services that may benefit your team.

Online learning

Prioritise your own wellbeing - your teams need you to succeed!

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Resilience @ Work Coaching for managers

Tap into personal support with one of our UniSA R@W coaches. Email to find out more.