Review Preparation

The following step by step instructions assist Line Managers on how to prepare for the review.

 1. Open the Academic Probation Online Dashboard

This portal will display each of your staff member(s) that the Committee will review. 

2. Only prepare documentation for those staff members folders whose review is scheduled in the next 2 months.

The initial, mid-point and final review dates occur at 9, 18 and 27 months.

3. Arrange to meet with your staff member(s)

4. Receive documentation from your staff member prior to the meeting

Your staff member has been advised to provide you with the relevant documentation for the review outlined below: 

  • For all reviews: An Academic Staff Activity Report (ASAR), Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a record of their completed training is required
  • For mid-point reviews: a Summative Peer Review of Teaching (SPRT) is required if teaching is a part of the role
  • For final reviews: may also provide with the optional Staff Member Coversheet and Statement.

5. Managing performance concerns:

Support and resources in managing underperformance can be found on our Performance Development and Management (PDM) webpage. Please reach out to People Central should you need additional help and support in managing any performance issues.


6. Meet with your staff member(s) to discuss their progress

Please reference the documents provided and double check all training components have been completed. Please contact People Central if there are any discrepancies. 

7. Complete the appropriate documentation

  • Complete the relevant section of the Academic Probation Review Summary within the staff member’s SharePoint folder. Suggestive text has been provided as a guide and the Committee's previous feedback can be responded to in this document.
  • If the staff member is working with a Research Lead, input should also be sought from them during the PDM and Academic Probation process.
  • Line Managers may wish to refer to the Position Description, the staff members contract, ASAR and CV
  • For staff members who have a teaching academic workload or a teaching and research academic workload, A SPRT is encouraged at each review but should be provided at a minimum at the mid-point review if teaching is part of the role
  • For staff with teaching and research workload or a research only workload reviews should demonstrated evidence of the staff members' research performance and knowledge application activity and its effectiveness
  • For the final review, the staff member has the option of providing you a Staff Member Coversheet and Statement, that can include responses to previous feedback or comments from yourself or the Committee. Add completed or scheduled training dates to the online Review Summary.

8. Upload the required documentation to the staff member's online record 10 working days prior to the committee meeting

9.  All reviews scheduled will be presented for review, including those with incomplete documentation

If documentation is incomplete or insufficient, the Committee will provide feedback accordingly or will inform you directly. The Committee will advise when they expect to re-review the documentation or hold an out of round session.

10. Discuss the feedback with your staff member after receiving the Committee feedback notification email

Record the date the feedback was discussed and any responses from the staff member in the online Review Summary.

11. Confirmation of Employment

Staff members will receive an email confirming the completion of their probationary period. Please note, if the staff member is employed on a fixed term contract this email does not mean they will transfer to continuing employment.