Evaluation Results

Evaluation results in a higher classification

The position is reclassified effective from the date the application for reclassification/job questionnaire form was signed by the staff member and Supervisor. The local People, Talent and Culture (PTC) staff member finalises the PD to include the previously drafted additional responsibilities. A copy of the confirmation letter is forwarded to Payroll for processing.

Evaluation results in the same classification

The PD is reviewed to ensure that it reflects the requirements of the position.

Evaluation results in a lower classification

The staff member retains their existing classification level and works with the supervisor to ensure that the responsibilities of the position reflect the original classification. This may include additional or higher level responsibilities and changes to the PD to reflect this expectation. The staff member’s performance plan will need to reflect the expectations within the PD. The supervisor and staff member, with the local PTC staff member, will discuss and address any areas of concern.

NB: There is an expectation that, wherever possible, a dispute over the evaluation of the position will be resolved at the local level. If the matter remains unresolved, the staff member may consider lodging a dispute under the provisions of the dispute resolution process in the applicable industrial instrument.