Contributing to your Super

If you want to add to your super, you can make regular fortnightly contributions to your super fund through payroll. You can ask Payroll Services to pay part of your before-tax pay into your super, also known as salary sacrifice, or from your after-tax pay.

To make additional fortnightly contributions to your super fund, please complete the Regular Contribution to Superannuation (HRIS046) form and submit via the AskPTC Enquiry Form.

You can also complete the Regular Contribution to Superannuation (HRIS046) form to vary or cease your existing additional voluntary contribution and submit via the AskPTC Enquiry Form.

NOTE: If you’re a member of the Defined Benefit Division / Accumulation 2 and want to vary your default member contribution, you will need to use the Change my default member contribution form.

UniSuper recommends that you meet with one of their Consultants before changing your default contribution. Click here to register for an appointment.

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