This page provides an overview of the approach taken by the University to integrate safety considerations into building design. Facilities Management Unit (FMU) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical facilities of the University. In particular, FMU has responsibility for coordinating new building work and refurbishment of facilities, as well as maintenance, inspection, security and emergency services.

Successful elimination of hazards associated with the design of a workplace involves integration of a risk management approach in all design phases. The University has developed 'UniSA Technical Standards' for the prevention of adverse health and safety issues and/or outcomes related to the design, construction, fit out, provision of working space for employees and maintenance of new or refurbished buildings, owned or leased by the University.

This approach recognises the importance of consultation to ensure that designers consider the future impact of a building on those who will interact with a structure and fit out throughout its entire life. It is intended that design solutions will be identified for all reasonably foreseeable hazards that may occur as a structure is built, commissioned, used, maintained, repaired, refurbished or modified, decommissioned, demolished or dismantled and disposed or recycled.

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