First Aid

All campus security staff are trained first aid officers and can be contacted to assist with medical emergencies where necessary. 000 (triple zero) should be called for life threatening emergencies.

First Aid is the provision of immediate treatment or care to a person suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is provided or the person recovers.

First aid requirements will vary across workplaces due to:

  • The nature and complexity of work that occurs
  • The type of hazards associated with the work undertaken
  • The size and location of workplaces (distribution of people across campuses or multi-storey buildings)
  • The maximum number of people at a workplace at any one time (including students, volunteers, visitors).

What action is required of workplaces?

  • Identifying first aid arrangements based on the nature and location of work undertaken and the level of risk associated with that work and environment
  • Identifying first aid personnel and suitable dates to attend first aid training (Applied First Aid) course coordinated by the University
  • Displaying and communicating names and contact numbers of first aid officers in the workplace
  • Displaying first aid signage to easily assist in identifying the location of first aid equipment and facilities
  • Providing first aid kits appropriate to the level of risk
  • Allocating responsibility for periodically monitoring kit contents to ensure the kit is maintained, items are current and stock is replenished (generally by the First Aid Officer)
  • Recording and maintaining first aid treatment provided in a register
  • Reporting injuries to the supervisor and in the online hazard / incident reporting and investigation system.

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