Salary sacrifice of casual parking

Staff may be eligible to request to salary sacrifice the cost of their casual car parking.

To be eligible, each instance of parking must  meet the following conditions:

  • The cost incurred was in respect of the car being parked for a period of more than four (4) hours
  • The car is parked between the hours of 7am and 7pm
  • The car park is in the vicinity of your primary place of employment
  • The car was used on the day in connection with travel from the staff members primary residence to their primary place of employment
  • The receipts are submitted in the financial year that they apply to; or the previous financial year if submitted by the end of July of the current financial year

Please ensure that you read the University Salary Sacrifice Guidelines and Conditions before entering an agreement.

Submitting your casual carparking for salary sacrifice

To submit your casual carparking for salary sacrifice purposes, complete the Agreement to salary sacrifice - casual car parking (HRIS044C) form and attach your receipts. This form must be completed using desktop software such as Adobe Acrobat and not in your browser as this causes compatibility issues. You can locate your downloaded document in your Downloads folder.

The Agreement to salary sacrifice - casual car parking form is a fillable PDF that assists you in submitting your casual car parking claims to Payroll. We recommend that you have your receipts scanned into a single PDF file prior to commencing this process.

After completing your personal details, please acknowledge that your claims meet the outlined conditions by clicking on the box. Claims that do not meet these conditions cannot be included and will be rejected by Payroll, which may impact your whole claim.

Begin entering the receipt details:

  • Rec #: In the event that Payroll needs to query an entry, this provides a consistent reference (prepopulated).
  • Date: this is the date of parking that the receipt was issued for
  • Receipt Total: The amount paid for parking
  • GST: This is GST component of your parking fee
  • Processing Fee: The amount charged by the car park for processing your payment. This may be referred to as a Credit Card Fee, Processing Fee, Charge, or simply be the difference between Total paid and the Parking Fee.

NOTE: In line with the University Salary Sacrifice Guidelines and Conditions, we can only accept twenty (20) receipts per request.

Once you have finished entering your receipts, please click the Submit to Payroll button. The form will now prompt you for the following steps:

  1. It will open a window to allow you to navigate to the location on your computer where you have saved the file with your receipts and attach these to the PDF. Note that they will be attached to the PDF, so only one file will be sent to Payroll.
  2. You will be prompted to save a copy of the file for your personal records. We encourage you to keep a copy.
  3. If you have an email client setup on your computer, an email will be auto generated with your completed form attached and addressed to Payroll. You will need to hit the send button to finalise the process.

As with all salary sacrifice requests, a valid submission must be received prior to the commencement of the pay period that it is to be processed in.