Career Wellbeing

Career wellbeing is about liking what you do each day. It's about doing work that engages you so much that you sometimes lose track of time. Career wellbeing is about applying your strengths to your work each day. It is also about doing something that is meaningful to you, that gives you a sense of purpose and from which you gain a feeling of accomplishment.

A 'Wellbeing for UniSA Casual Staff Information Session' was held in 2017 at the City East campus in partnership with UniSuper and Human Psychology.

The seminar included four key information sessions to help staff maximise their UniSA experience and harness the flexibility and mobility of being a casual employee.

The 2-hour session was recorded, so that it can be accessed at any time. It has been broken down into the following topics:

Work:Life Integration not Balance

Instead of seeking strict separation between work and personal life, we can allow the lines to blur more through use of technology and flexible work practices and shift work around on dimensions of time and space. The boundaries between work and home-life are increasingly indistinct and we need to rethink the traditional concept of work and life as two separate entities. True balance is rarely found whilst harmony through work-life integration is attainable.

Source: Work:Life Integration not Balance by Samantha Young

UniSA initiatives

Learning and Development for Academics

Workshops offered as part of the People Development and Performance team are developed with a key focus on, and to support UniSA's core staff attributes and crossing the horizon strategic action plan. Information on the suite of activities can be accessed below.

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