Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is about enjoying and fully participating in life through meaningful activities and fulfilling relationships. It's about dealing with life's challenges effectively and being resilient enough to bounce back when things don't go well. Mental wellbeing is also about using your abilities and strengths to reach your full potential and feeling a sense of purpose about the things that you do.

UniSA initiatives

Our goal is to raise awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace so that our people can be supported in the workplace while they manage their illness. UniSA's Staff Wellbeing Program now offers two 30 minute Mental Health modules online (previously three modules) with new and updated information and an engaging interface:

  • Building Healthy Coping Skills
  • Understanding Mental Health Issues in your Team

To access this program through the BUPA Lifeskills modules,  register using a new username and password (do NOT use your UniSA password).

There are additional development and education options available that support mental health and enhance individual capabilities. See the Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit for more information.


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