UniSA is committed to developing a diverse workforce and a constructive enterprising culture in which everyone can thrive. As part of this commitment, the University has had an Aboriginal Employment Strategy in place continuously since 2002.

Yaitya Warpulai Tappa 2023-2025 is the next iteration of this ongoing commitment to Aboriginal employment, and has been developed in parallel with the Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan. These plans provide a framework for cultural change; containing commitment to measurable actions that build on our achievements to date and ensure we track our continued progress.

Our priority is a culturally competent University community built on mutual respect and trust. Our commitments encompass all the University’s endeavours in building an inclusive community, including the recruitment, engagement, retention, and capability building of our workforce, now and into the future. This is a key principle of our Aboriginal Employment Action Plan, Yaitya Warpulai Tappa.

More information about our plans can be found on the links below.1

Artwork: Antara by Ngupulya Pumani


Our Commitments to Action

  1. 3% of the University's workforce will be Aboriginal People by 2025

  2. We will position UniSA as an employer of choice for Aboriginal People by 2025

  3. We will develop UniSA as a culturally competent University

  4. We will build a connected community, sharing knowledges and ways of seeing and knowing so all our people thrive

Employment opportunities for students

UniSA is committed to providing its students with opportunities to build on the graduate qualities and competencies acquired at university so they can gain a solid foundation for their career. View the UniSA Aboriginal Graduate Program for more info.

Aboriginal Graduate Program

To find out more, contact your People, Talent and Culture (PTC) Business Partner at the local level or the Consultant: Aboriginal Employment, Wayne Buckskin.


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