Vehicle Leasing – Staff

Staff members appointed on a continuing basis or on a fixed term contract of one year or more are eligible to lease a vehicle. No agreement will be entered into which is longer than the term of employment. Casual staff members are ineligible to salary sacrifice a vehicle lease. Please refer to the Salary Sacrifice Guidelines and Conditions for further information regarding salary sacrifice.

Vehicle delivery may take up to three months (or longer) depending on the vehicle make, model and availability. Prior to ordering a vehicle, you need to ensure that your employment contract is long enough to cover both the delivery and lease term.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) has appointed LeasePlan Australia as its preferred provider and all salary sacrifice motor vehicle leases are supplied by LeasePlan. No other types of lease arrangements for private vehicles are available to staff members.

Please click on the link to see LeasePlan’s novated details offered for Q2.

The type of vehicle lease available through the University salary sacrifice scheme is the Corporate CarPlan lease. Staff members need to understand all aspects of leasing a vehicle before entering into any leasing arrangement and are encouraged to seek financial advice. The following is an overview of vehicle leasing at UniSA and should be read in conjunction with the LeasePlan User Guides.

The Corporate CarPlan lease is a novated lease arrangement between the staff member, University and LeasePlan and is subject to LeasePlan finance approval. The vehicle is registered in the staff member's name and transferrable between employers depending on the new employer and LeasePlan.

Once you have entered into a lease agreement, you have the ultimate responsibility to make any payments under the lease in the event that you cease to be employed at the University. You are  able to purchase the vehicle for the residual value, refinance, return to LeasePlan or re-novate with a new employer. On purchase, you will need to commence private insurance. You are also required to pay residual and insurance costs as they are outside of the salary sacrifice scheme.

Procedures to request a vehicle quote and/or place an order

  • All vehicle lease quotes and orders are arranged through LeasePlan OnLine. You are required to register on LeasePlan OnLine - initial registration must be made on a University networked computer (UniSA's customer Code is 1000037298). Note: Manual requests will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and will be at LeasePlan's discretion.
  • LeasePlan will email a password enabling the staff member access to LeasePlan OnLine where they are able to request a quote and place a vehicle order.
  • A vehicle order will be followed up by email from LeasePlan detailing further steps before placing the vehicle order i.e. finance applications etc.
  • A UniSA lease agreement for the Corporate CarPlan lease is prepared for signing by the staff member prior to vehicle delivery. This is in addition to any LeasePlan documentation required.
  • Lease and FBT deductions will apply from the vehicle delivery date with payroll deductions commencing in the first available pay period.

Please call +61 8 8302 2911 or email

Completed applications and agreement forms can be returned to