Payroll Services

Payroll Services manage a timely, accurate and compliant payroll function that delivers an accessible, flexible, and knowledgeable service to provide for our staff needs.    

Find all your pay and benefit information at our website.

Enquiries for the team can be sent to or contact (08) 830 22911.

How we support you:


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  • Explanation of various Staff Salary payment calculations 
  • Advice on Enterprise Agreement clauses, salary & leave provisions   
  • Clarification of legal & industrial requirements 
  • Advice on policy & procedures in relation to payroll 
  • Education on payroll processes 
  • Facilitation of ad-hoc high-volume processing to accommodate business needs 




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  • Legislative changes  
  • Senior Staff Remuneration  
  • Legal identity changes  
  • Input on policy development 
  • Complex Superannuation matters









Your Payroll Team:

Dani Viant

Manager: Payroll Services

Vanessa Detmar

Consultant: Payroll Services


John Raftery

Consultant: Superannuation and Payroll

Vicki Clarke

Payroll Officer

Linsey Armstrong

Payroll Officer

Uzma Shaikh

Payroll Officer

Gabby Roberts

Payroll Officer

Deb Wood

Payroll Officer