Academic Probation for Line Managers


Ahead of beginning the probation review process with your staff member(s) it is important to become familiar with the Academic Probation Policy and Procedure and other supporting information provided on this website 

Key considerations for successful Academic Probation management 

Review preparation: 

  • Engage in constructive and positive performance conversations with your staff member(s) using your skills in Coaching for Performance 
  • Ensure that probation documentation for scheduled reviews is uploaded in a timely manner  
  • Ensure that training completion dates have been added and any recommendations are clear and concise  

Understanding key documentation:  Understand the risks for the University associated with of non-compliance with the Academic Probation Policy and Procedure 

Review process & timings: Be familiar with the academic probation review process and the timings associated with reviews 

Mandated training & SPRT: Ensure that Academic Practice@UniSA, mandated training and SPRT’s are completed within required timeframes 

Performance concerns: Any performance concerns should be addressed with the staff member early. By addressing concerns early enables sufficient time to address any underperformance ahead of the probation end date. 

Additional Resources

Frequently asked questions

This information is designed to be used as a guide. Please visit AskPTC  for additional answers or contact People Central for more information.

Professional Development and Management (PDM) meetings should primarily focus on the staff member's growth and development. In contrast the probation meeting serves as a comprehensive evaluation of your staff members work to date and aims to confirm whether the staff member is performing satisfactorily and meeting the role's requirements and expectations. Both meetings warrant equal attention and consideration. 

Support and resources in managing underperformance can be found within our Performance Development and Management (PDM) webpage. Please reach out to People Central should you need additional help and support in managing the PDM process.

It is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure that their Line Manager receives all the necessary information to complete the Review Summary document.  To assist in this process, staff members will receive an email at each review stage that clearly outlines their responsibilities ahead of meeting with their line manager.

Once you have received the documentation from your staff member, it is your responsibility as the Line Manager to ensure that information is added or attached to their Review Summary record.

We have included guiding text within the Review Summary template to provide clarity on our expectations. The Review Summary serves as a comprehensive record of a staff member's probationary period and is considered the 'source of truth' for various elements, including:

  • Your discussions with your staff member
  • Any responses provided by your staff member
  • Performance management and related outcomes
  • Feedback and outcomes from the Committee
  • The supporting evidence gathered for your final recommendation
  • The documentation to be submitted to the Committee and the Probationary Review Panel (chaired by the Provost & CAO) in the event that termination is recommended.

The Committee members require sufficient time to thoroughly review the documentation ahead of the Committee meeting.

This is optional. An explanation and a link to download will be included in the staff member's email.

People Central offers administrative support but does not undertake data sourcing on behalf of staff members. We kindly request that you communicate with your staff member and ask them to provide any missing documentation prior to their review meeting.

All staff are required to meet probationary expectations regardless of the length of their contract.  Completing the probation review and Academic Practice also prevents any uncertainty in the event that the staff member is offered further employment.

To meet the Academic Probation Procedure's requirements, ensuring the effective management of performance issues and preventing automatic confirmation of employment, it is essential to submit the necessary documentation before the staff member's final review.


For additional details, please consult the 'Timings,' 'Performance Concerns,' and 'Termination' sections within the Academic Probation Review Process.