Mark Your Identity

Spirit of the CampusMark Your Identity is an initiative inviting people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage who are working at UniSA to formalise their identity with the University, if they wish, and haven't done so already.

This knowledge allows the University to better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, and to measure our progress toward our goal of achieving a workforce of 3% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by 2025.

People who Mark their Identity assist the University in:

  • Developing Aboriginal career programs for present and future staff
  • Increasing employment and development opportunities for Aboriginal staff
  • Targeting expenditure and initiatives to enhance equity practices
  • Improving our future program and policy development

How do I 'Mark My Identity'?

New staff can Mark their Identity by answering questions on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage when they apply for a new position.

Existing staff can update information on their myHR page by clicking below and answering a few questions.

Mark Your Identity

To find out more, contact your People, Talent and Culture (PTC) Business Partner at the local level or the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Development Consultant, Deanne Hanchant-Nichols.

The information you provide to us is held securely & your privacy will be respected; however, in order to help us achieve the above outcomes the information will be available to the Consultant: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Employment & Development.

Artwork: Spirit of the Campus by Rikurani